NUTMED (Nutrition Mediterranean Foods Co. sarl)

NUTMED (Nutritional Mediterranean Foods Co. sarl) is a Lebanese FMCG manufacturing company since 2016, located in Ain Saadeh, Fanar Industrial Zone. Our brand name is “Reef Garden” serving high-quality distinguished Premium products, distinctive and pure flavor with outstanding packages and competitive prices. We manufacture and pack all kind of Spices, Seasonings, Herbs, Zaatar Mix, Sauces, Soup, Powder Mix like (Falafel, Sahlab, Meghli, Crispy, etc.). We work directly with individual farmers and spice merchants around the world to supply only the highest quality ingredients for your table.

We use a high technology, stainless steel, dust proof and ecofriendly line for processing and packaging spices, pulses and grains, and a fully automated processing facility for packing spices with all their aroma and freshness. Our expertise, backed by innovation, ensures superior quality without compromising the nutritional value, texture, taste and aroma of the spices. We believe in serious and everlasting strategic relationships with our clients while emphasizing quality and hygiene. We are open for distributors and agents worldwide to implement our sales network and to integrate a new solid and prominent brand into the market.