About Mazeej


Building on the project interventions, MAZEEJ brings together a group of farmers and producers from different Lebanese regions producing Zaatar mixes and Zaatar by-products to improve the overall business environment conditions of the Zaatar value chain.

At the core of MAZEEJ’s producers lays the belief that Zaatar, or what is known as Origanum Syriacium, has been a proud and essential Lebanese ingredient throughout history and must be met with modern gastronomical techniques that would take the Lebanese Zaatar internationally. 

The utilization of the word Mazeej is related to two factors:

First, in Arabic, the word Mazeej ( مزيج ) means blend or mixture. Second, Mazeej has a culinary connotation associated with the Famous Zaatar blend of Origanum Syriacum, Sesame, Sumac, Salt, and Olive Oil.

For the Love of Zaatar