The Good Thymes


Est.The Good Thymes

Fadi Aziz, originally a graphic designer, followed his love for nature and the savory Lebanese thyme and embraced on an agriculture venture in Kfar-Hoûné, his home village in the south of Lebanon. After setting up a Zaatar farm, Fadi journeyed into the culinary world to produce high-quality dry thyme mixes and spices in a mixed effort to preserve the traditional Lebanese taste while fusing it up in a modern twist; thus creating “The Good Thymes” brand. His brand offers a wide variety of 8 unique Zaatar blends that are handmade, all-natural, free from any artificial color or flavor and without any additives or preservatives. Being sold online both to the local and external markets ensures the sustainability of the project and its ability to sustain rural development in terms of job opportunities, women empowerment and enhancing quality of life.

Impact on society: capacity building, job creation, socio-economic development, women empowerment, rural development, sustainable production, value creation.