Al Imad


Al 'Imad for Rural Food Cooperative Association in Hariss S.A.R.L.

Since its establishment, Al Imad for Rural Food Cooperative Association in Hariss, S.A.R.L. became a leading example of women's empowerment and a success story of the impact rural women can have on the productive sector, especially in the agri-food industry, as the number of women working in the cooperative reached 24.

From the social reality of Hariss emerged a true symbiosis between Al ‘Imad Cooperative and their family members working abroad in the fields of trade and industry. Driven by a shared interest in developing the livelihoods of their communities, a strong connection was born between the women of the cooperative and the diaspora, through which the former found a channel to expand and introduce the Lebanese Zaatar and other traditional products to new homes across the world.